Robotics-Embedded System

The International Standard Organisation, defines a Robot as an automatically controlled reprogrammable, multipurpose manifestative machine, with or without locomotion, for use in Industrial Automation Applications. Robotics is all about designing robots, maintaining them, developing new applications and conducting research.

Robots are built to work repeatedly and accurately even in hazardous environments. They are programmed in a way that enables them to operate automatically. That's why a Robot is called a re-programmable machine.

In India, studies related to robot techology and its implications are conducted by the Department of Science and Technology(DST) and Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. The research and development thrust is carried out by DST, Department of Electronics and Department of Ocean Development. IITs, too, have taken the lead in designing programmes in Robotics.

A specialisation in robotics engineering may lead to potential career opportunities in manufacturing, research and engineering, agriculture, mining, nuclear, power-plant maintenances and a variety of other areas. Besides, there is great scope for qualified experts and researchers to associate themselves with different segments of R & D in robotics.
Virscent Technologies has therefore conceptualized Workshops/Seminars in Robotics and Embedded Systems.

Course Outline:
Introduction to Active & Passsive Components
Description of 7805 IC
Motor Control Using H-Bridge Circuit
Description of Switches - Relay
Wireless Communication
Introduction of AVR Micro-controllers
Interfacing with IR Sensor
Understanding the Alogorithms
Building the Autonomous Robot

What You Get:
A Robotic Kit.
Authorized Certificate
Email Support after the Workshop