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AJAX - Introduction to AJAX Web Development Training Course Overview

Course Code: AJAX004

Who should attend: Web Developers who want to create richer web applications using AJAX.

AJAX (Asynchronous Java and XML) has emerged as a powerful platform for building web applications with extensive client-side interactivity.

Unlike older approaches, which require reloading of the entire page with every postback, AJAX uses the JavaScript DOM, the XMLHttpRequest object, XML, and CSS to download and display just the content that needs to change.

Course Content
The course will contain a substantial amount of Hands-On work. Delegates will be introduced to topics during theory sessions and these will be followed by lab exercises relating to the topic. Exercises will reflect commercial scenarios.

Introduction to AJAX:-
  • What is AJAX?
  • Ajax rich clients in the real world
  • Ajax advantages and disadvantages
  • The purpose of AJAX
  • Traditional web application
  • An AJAX web application
  • AJAX components & JavaScript
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